1.General provisions

The current data processing policy was done in compliance with the Federal law 152 FL from 27.07.2006 “of personal data” and determins the order of personal data processing and the measures of safety of personal data of Deadline LTD (further- Operator)

The operator has the primary objective and condition of operating by observance of the rights and freedoms of people and citizens, when processing the personal data, protection of rights on inviolability of private life, personal and family secrecy.

The current Operator policy in terms of personal data processing (further- Policy) is applicable to all information, which Operator can receive about users of the website http://cowasport.com.

2.The main positions used in the policy

Automatic personal data processing- personal data processing using computer engineering

Blocking personal data- temporary holt of personal data processing (except when processing is needed for finding and checking of personal data)

Website- Graphic and informative material and program for EVM and database, available in the internet by the address http://cowasport.com

Information system of personal data- personal data contained in the database and information technologies and technical resourses used for processing of this information.

Anonimisation of personal data- actions, which do not allow to link the personal data to a certain user or other entity without using additional information.

Personal data processing- any action or series of actions done using the means of automisation or without with the personal data, including collection, recording, systemisation, accumulation, storage, clarification, extraction, usage, broadcast, depersonalization, blocking, deletion, demolition of personal data.

Operator- government organisation, municipal organisation, legal or physical entity, individual or in cooperation with another entity organising and processing the personal data and determining the aim of processing the personal data, the content of the data, due to be processed, actions made with the personal data.

Personal data- any information which is directly or indirectly connected to a certain user of the website http://cowasport.com

User- any visitor of the website http://cowasport.com

Provision of personal data- actions, which are done towards opening certain data to a person or a group of people

Spreading personal data- any actions towards disclosure of personal data to a group of people or familiarization with personal data of a group of people and make the data accessible in social media and web space and providing access to the data in any other way

Cross-border personal data spreading- giving personal data to another country, government of another country or other legal or private entity.

Personal data demolition- any actions which lead to complete demolition of personal data which cannot be recovered. These actions also lead to demolition of any physical storage devices containing personal data.

3.The Operator can process the following personal data of the user

Surname and Name

Email address

Phone numbers

Date of birth


Also, collection and processing of depersonalized data about the visitors via statistics collection services (Yandex Metrix, Google Analytics and other)

All the data stated in the Policy are unified as Personal data

4.Purpose of processing personal data

The purpose of processing personal data of the user- to inform the user via email, to provide access to services, information and materials on the website for the user.

Also, the Operator has the right to send notifications to the user about new products and services, special offers and events. The user can always refuse from receiving the information, by sending the email to the Operator to sales@cowasport.com with the subject “ refusal from notifications about new products, services and special offers.”

Depersonalised data of the users, collected by the internet statistics services, about the actions of the users on the website, improving the website and its content.

5.Legal rights to processing of personal data

Operator processes personal data of the user only in the event of them being filled in or sent, using the relevant forms, put on the website http://cowasport.com. By filling in these forms or sending the personal data to the Operator, the user agrees to this policy.

The Operator processes depersonalised data of the user in the event if it is allowed in the settings of the browser of the user (cookie files turned on and using JavaScript technology).

6.The order of storing, passing on and other kinds of processing of personal data

The safety of personal data, which is processed by the Operator, is provided by following the legal, organisational and technical means, necessary for completion of the requirements of the current law in the area of protection of personal data.

The Operator provides security of personal data and accept all kind of measures which prevent access to personal data of unauthorised people.

Personal data of the user can never be passed on to the third party, accept when connected to the current law.

In the event of inaccuracies in personal data, the user can actualise them himself, by sending the notification to the Operator to the email address sales@cowasport.com, with the subject “actualisation of personal data”.

The time for processing of the personal data is unlimited. The user can retrieve his agreement for processing personal data at any time by sending the notification to the Operator to the email address with the subject “ Retreival of the agreement of processing personal data”.

7.Cross-border provision of personal data

The operator before cross-border provision of personal data, has to make sure that the foreign country, which is receiving the data, will provide sufficient security of the rights of the entity, which the personal data belongs to.

Cross-border provision of personal data on the territory of the foreign countries, which does not have the relevant requirements of the data protection, can only be done after the written agreement from the owner of the personal data for provision of the data to the foreign country.

8.Closing positions

The user can get any further details regarding the processing of the personal data by contacting the operator via the email address sales@cowasport.com

All the adjustments to the policy of processing the personal data will be added to the document. The document is unlimited in its action time until it has been changed.